Styled Digital's mission is to empower small business owners to follow their dreams by getting their website done quickly and affordably.

How We Do It

We focus on what matters.  

Having a pretty website won't matter if no one see's it.  Visits won't matter if no one is buying.  By looking at your business, where it is and where it is going, we customize our services to get the best results.

What Makes Us Different


From experience we know that communication is key. We put a high value on customer service.  When we work with you, you'll have our undivided attention.  

Hey there! I'm Amanda


I’m a web designer & developer with over 15 years of experience.  I decided to start Styled Digital after running my own shop on Shopify - I quickly became a fan.  So much so that I decided to help other entrepreneurs.

I'm a small business cheerleader.  I love seeing small businesses hiring or opening a storefront. When small business does good, everyone benefits.  #shopsmall

The "we" of Styled Digital

Most of the work "we" do is done by yours truly.  My specialty is in web design, but if I see that your business would benefit from other services (branding, photography, copywriting, social media, paid advertising), I will put together a dream team of industry experts.  

So whatever you need, we can handle it.



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