Etsy to Shopify? Know This!

This is a bit of a follow up from my Setting Up An Online Shop In Less Than 10 Minutes post.  (Which you should totally read if you are thinking of making the switch and already have a website!) 

But whether you are doing the Buy Button or starting off on the Basic Plan, if you are switching from Etsy to Shopify, remember to save yourself a TON. OF. TIME. and export/import your products.  It's really simple and takes less than 5 minutes....promise!

Download Your Etsy Listings

In your Etsy account, go to Your shop > Shop settings > Options and click the Download Data tab. Then, click the Download CSV button to save the file to your computer.


Import Your Etsy Listings Into Shopify

Now, in your Shopify account, go to Products and click the "Import" button in the top right corner.


Upload your file and your Etsy listings are now automagically now in Shopify!  Images and description, and all.  Happy selling!  :)